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6 Reasons Why It Is Worth Upgrading to the Pro Version of Windows

Whether you are running Windows 10 or Windows 11, there are two versions of each available to most users – Home and Professional. At first glance, the versions look identical. But dig just under the surface, and some fundamental differences affect how they operate.

Let’s take a look at why upgrading to the Pro version of Windows is a good idea.

How to tell what version of Windows you are using

Before we look at why updating to the pro version is useful, here is how to check what version you currently use:

  1. 1. Type System into the Windows Search box
  2. 2. Click System Information from the offered options

In the window that appears, you will see the OS name and version. For example, Windows 10 Home Edition.

5 Benefits of Upgrading to the Professional Version of Windows 10 or Windows 11

As we mentioned, the interfaces of both versions are virtually identical. But the added features and functionality of the Pro versions make them far more powerful. Here are just five of the reasons it is worth your while upgrading the pro version of Windows.

1.    Enhanced Security

One of the most important reasons to upgrade from a home edition of Windows 10 or 11 to the Pro version is enhanced security. Windows 10 and 11 Pro include features such as BitLocker, Windows Hello, and Windows Defender Application Guard, which offer advanced protection against malware, viruses, and other security threats.

Of course, the Pro versions also receive security updates on an ongoing basis.

2.    Domain Connectivity

In the age of remote working, the ability to connect to a work domain remotely is becoming increasingly important. Home versions of the Win 10 and 11 do not support connecting to domains. This is a function that requires the pro version of Windows.

3.    Advanced Management Capabilities

If you are using a computer for business purposes, then you will appreciate the advanced management capabilities of the pro version. These include features such as Group Policy and Mobile Device Management, which enable you to manage devices and user access to resources more easily and effectively.

4.    Compatibility With Legacy Software

Many legacy software applications are only compatible with the Pro edition of Windows. By upgrading to Windows 10 or 11 Pro, you can ensure that your device is compatible with these applications, which can be critical for businesses that rely on specialized software for their operations.

5.    Improved Productivity

As well as the ability to connect to domains, which can boost productivity by allowing access to network resources, the pro versions can also boost productivity with tools like Hyper-V, Windows Update for Business, Remote desktop, and support for Azure.

Upgrading to Pro Is Easy (And Cheap)

There are plenty of reasons to upgrade to the pro version of Windows 10 or Windows 11. The good news is that updating to the pro versions is easy and cheaper than you probably imagine.

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